Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bellevue Beach Park

A wonderful stunning Thanksgiving day today. The boys and I went to a beach park in Bellevue, not a patch on Mission Bay but the view was outstanding. This park looks over Lake Washington to the Seattle city and in the background - which I can't pick up in the photo's is a stunning mountain range sprinkled in snow.


Ahh, now this is a place we'll be taking our visitors. Suncadia is about 1hr East of where we live - up in the mountains (Jacinda, we'll be waist deep in snow when we visit in Jan). Our lovely friends Meg & Shawn & their two boys Josh & Jake showed us this very special part of the world.

It's a massive newly developing resort and for Halloween they'd set up on a neighboring farm with so many fun things for children to do. We arrived via a Hay Barn ride following by a yumbo lunch, bouncy castles, face painting, pumpkin patch picking, dancing pigs, pumpkin carving, a maze (with a real snake in it apparently - yes, I did get freaked out, but since Ben so desperately wanted me to go through it with him, I did). All in all, a wonderful day was had by everyone.


Our bigger pumpkin feel in love with Pumpkins over Halloween. In fact so much so that the outfit we'd initially purchased for Hugh, ended up on Ben. The carving of the pumpkin was also a great laugh & oh so messy!!