Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh no I forgot my camera....

Oh no I forgot my camera
How crazy could I be
The mountains standing behind the city are glistening as white as can be.

We woke to such a snowfall & a clear bright blue sky
Today this city has stolen my heart, as the flecks of snow float by.


I had thought that the snow would only be up where we live on the plateau, but after dropping off Ben at an appointment today I took Hugh for a walk in Kirkland. Kirkland is our equivalent to Mission Bay (just not as good - I'll always be a kiwi & back NZ things). However, today walking along the water's edge of Lake Washington snow covered the jetties and parts of the foot paths were covered with a slush/snow/ice combo.

As I looked across the large lake which was ripped out millions of years ago by glaciers, I can see the outline of the city & behind it the dominating Olympic Mountain Range covered with snow.

A breath taking & stunning day in one incredible city. (just a bugger I've not got a camera to show you what I could see).