Monday, December 31, 2007

Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle must have been filmed somewhere around here - this is on Lake Union which is very close to the city centre. Really cute.

North Bend - this is part of the mt range we look out to from our house (not take from our house though)

The lock system which allows boats out of Lake Washington & into the Puget Sounds

View from the Space Needle. First major tourist thing I've done in 3mths. I'd say the view would be amazing of all the mountains in summer but it was a bit clouded which meant we could only see the Olympic range - still stunning though.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snoqualmie - The Summit

Now this is a novel way to spend Boxing Day. In NZ we'd always go with Jacinda to the movies on Boxing Day, but now, I have a feeling that's been replaced with playing in the snow.

We drove up to The Snoqualmie Pass today which is normally a 45min drive from our place, but with all the Boxing day traffic & the mass volume of snow, took 3hrs. It was SO worth the drive because as soon as we got there, Alex threw Ben into waist deep snow where he, with Aunty Jack's help, made snowmen, ate trillions of gallons of snow, slid down banks & had snow fights with Al. Hugh managed a bit of time out in the cold with us, but ended up in the front seat watching from the window (there's always next year Hugh).



Wow, the American's so know how to do a white Christmas. Christmas Eve is a holiday here so Al, Jacinda, Ben, Hugh & I spent the day in the shops at Bellevue & Redmond looking at all the lights & decorations up. Of course there were a few Santa's wondering the streets as well as Santa's train & stunning sights.

We feed & bathed the boys after dinner, wrapped them up all warm (as it's about 3 degrees outside), and drove around the streets looking at the most lavish Christmas lights possible - it was like Franklin Road on steriods. Hard to capture on camera but imagine fake massive snowmen dancing on and flashing rain deer on most people's from lawns & lights for Africa on the houses.


Merry Christmas to all our family & friends.
Opened the curtains on Christmas morning & Ben was so upset. He was so confused as to where the snow was. Yip, everyone had predicted a white Christmas (and the weather people are so much more onto it than in NZ), so it was rather a shock that the ground wasn't totally white. But after a yumbo breakfast and many a present opening session & a massive lunch, it decided to snow in the afternoon. How fantastic - an actual white Christmas, even if it was only just white.

We drove up to the Snoqualmie Waterfall (those Twin Peaks fans will recognise the waterfall in the background). It was snowing more up there but still nothing that major.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Snow Snow

Wow, it's been a mad time. We've moved into our rental now & have all our things around us (well, most things anyway). The day after we moved in it snowed which made life very exciting. Waking up in our new home, opening the curtains & seeing snow everywhere - wow! We had the fire going all day as it was so cold, but had a number of snowmen building sessions & numerous snowball fights which was so exciting.

On the count down now till Jacinda arrives – simple can’t wait to show her around this amazing city. People are so friendly & it’s lovely to see many many Christmas lights around the place.

Great big Christmas hugs to you all.

Love Jo, Al Ben & Hugh