Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snoqualmie - The Summit

Now this is a novel way to spend Boxing Day. In NZ we'd always go with Jacinda to the movies on Boxing Day, but now, I have a feeling that's been replaced with playing in the snow.

We drove up to The Snoqualmie Pass today which is normally a 45min drive from our place, but with all the Boxing day traffic & the mass volume of snow, took 3hrs. It was SO worth the drive because as soon as we got there, Alex threw Ben into waist deep snow where he, with Aunty Jack's help, made snowmen, ate trillions of gallons of snow, slid down banks & had snow fights with Al. Hugh managed a bit of time out in the cold with us, but ended up in the front seat watching from the window (there's always next year Hugh).

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