Sunday, June 1, 2008


We had a wonderful long weekend last weekend. Zipped up to Vancouver (5hrs due to bad traffic, but totally worth it!) Met up with Wendy (Al's mum) and explored the stunning city. Spent Saturday at Stanley park- Al & Ben went crabbing while Wendy and I wondered around with Hugh. It was so stunning & very hot but lovely to see so many people enjoy the environment. A great park for children & if you ever visit Vancouver with kids, a total must.

We drove from Stanley Park to Horseshoe Bay which completely took my breath away. Sitting on a Cape Cod chair while Al & Ben crabbed & Wendy wondered with Al, meant I had 10min of admiring the view out over a jetty, crisp blue water & the mountains in the back drop with a sprinkle of snow on top of them. The village Horseshoe Bay is about 30hr out of central Vancouver & was well worth the trip.