Sunday, March 23, 2008


Wishing you all a wonderful and happy Easter!! It's been strange here as they don't have Friday & Monday's off work, but the weekend is all go with celebrations. The neighborhood organized an egg hunt which was so much fun. Ben had a ball.

Nothing else all that new to report, but wanted to send our wishes to everyone.


Dominic said...

Hi Jo,

Thinking of you guys the other day, we haver Nadege's mum over at the mo for easter. Our work starts on the loft conversion on Tuesday. it has been snowing all weekend but not settling, it is cold for easter. I am not looking forward to not having a roof for a few weeks.

All well here, ruby growing fast will send some pics soon.


Jacinda said...

Hugh really does have 'Mischief' written all over his face in that photo!!!!!