Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thank you Global Warming & Maddie Fisher

I had a conversation with my dear friend Sarah the other day on skype. Managed to get a bit of time with Maddie (her 5yr old daughter), who was so keen to know if it was still snowing. "Of course not Maddie - it's spring time now, we'll have no more snow" was my response.

Well, thanks to both Maddie's thoughts & Global Warming, WE GOT SNOW!! Yip, went to go to bed last night & looked out the window (about 11pm), wow - what's going on!! There was about 10cm of fresh snow on the ground. You can imagine Ben's delight to wake up & see it all outside again. He keeps telling me it's Christmas time (as he's now associating lots of snow with Christmas time).

So, Alex spent the first part of the morning making a snowman & having snowball fights with Ben and then we walked with all our gear on down to the local school where I've found a bit of a hill to fly down on the sledge and making snow angles.

Also, after the ski season nearly been over, I managed yesterday to finally get up to try out the local slopes. Al was a darling & looked after the boys so I could have some fun. Considering it's late March, I couldn't believe just how much snow there was & also how good the snow was too. No rocks to be found at all & I also found out that you can get a pass to ski between all 4 ski fields. So, next season, we'll be getting season passes & enjoying so much snow (will also try & get Ben onto skis as well - wish me luck!)

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